Okay, so recently I have had the chance to play around with vRealize Automation (vRA). Therefore, I am using this chance to share with you the outcomes of this interesting endeavor of mine. I have formulated this article to be in the form of questions and answers, so feel free to jump around to any question you feel like you want an answer to. The questions are:

What are the core components of vRealize Automation?

What are the logical components of vRealize Automation?

What are vRA important Roles?

vRA supports multi-tenancy to provide resource isolation and service access control. To do so, the vRA architecture is comprised of logical abstractions that represent the underlying physical resources, access to these resources are governed by roles. Below are the roles you will see in a vRA deployment.

What are the steps for basic configuration of vRealize Automation?

What is vRealize Application Services?

I think of it as a configuration management tool. It allows you to architect the applications you want to have inside your VMs. For example, I might want to run an SQLFire database inside a CentOS VM, even better, I can build mutli-tier applications (e.g., web applications with database, FE, and BE). Keep in mind that vRA application services is not part of vRA automation, it can however be integrated with vRA both ways (vRA AppServices). it is also deployed as a separate appliance with a rather lengthy configuration to have it up and running (but it is worth it).

What are other topics I didn’t have here in our humble capsule?

I am sure you didn’t expect to find all the nitty-gritty details of vRA here in this capsule, vRA is a fat tool, it is comprised of many components, and can integrate with other 3rd party tools each is a story on its own. Some of the topics I didn’t discuss here with you are:

Important notes:

If you are here already, I know what you want to say , say it!! I know this was boring because it had no pictures in it, I was lazy … but, In my follow up article(s), I will be having a lot of colors and visuals for you, or even better, I will be updating this boring (black and white) piece of boring text to have a lot of figures. I hope this helps!