My name is Adel Zaalouk, a free-style researcher who cares more about knowledge than titles and I currently work as Product Manager with a technical focus on all things Kubernetes and OpenShift (with passion for data, AI, and ML).

Throughout my career I wore different hats, in different countries working with different people from a broad spectrum of nationalities. Initially, I started in research with a strong focus on Software-Defined Networking (back in the buzz days), and moved slowly to the industry side, covering / advocating for software-defined concepts across the entire stack.

Nowadays, I work mostly with Kubernetes and containers, paving my way through the cloud-native stack with a researchy attitude. I love tinkering around with new tech, and sharing my learnings. I share my learnings either in the form of blog-posts, publications, talks, or in meet-ups where I get to meet and learn from awesome minded people in the community.

I also like to organize meetups, so I started quite a few. Truth to be told, some are not active anymore but dear to my heart to shut-down (maybe there is a future to them?).

Below you can find some references and pointers to some of my work.

Meetups I organize / co-organize

Publicly Recorded Talks / Interviews

Publication list


This blog is one that I describe learning experience, summaries of readings, easier way to do certain tasks, and my own life musings. Blogging for me is a hobby and not a job. That being said, I work for as a Principal Product Manager at Red Hat. The content published here is not read, reviewed, or approved in advance by my employer and does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer nor does it relate to internal information for any of its divisions.

More Information?

You will find all of my contact details on the main page of this website. Feel free to reach out for questions / inquiries.